Microclimates and Clean rooms

JOA has available Microclimate™ solutions that can be implemented for different proposes. For example limiting the exposure of operators to harmful substances in work stations(Centralized systems can be implemented using V.O. Crit™ technology in combination with GCM™).
By implementing a MicroClimate into a process machine, the overall cleanroom class can be reduced. (JOA has awards in plastic industry for medical used because of the use of this technique).
Local clean rooms in combination with Microclimate can be implemented for certain process machines (ISO Class 6/7 performance during operation with 30% air capacity reduction).
Re-balancing of the existing clean rooms to improve the performance, can be realize as well using our specialized software and implementing small upgrades in the ventilation system (Cost-Effective solution).

  • Custom made
  • Operator non-exposure design
  • Air barriers / local cleanrooms / dock stations
  • Cost effective / compact / robust