Pharma Solutions

With a detailed understanding of the synergy between the production process and the extraction system, a better solution is engineered. Computer modelling provides enhanced capabilities for system optimization (greenfield and upgrades). JOA delivers value to our customers by providing long-term solutions with a focus on productivity and safety, energy reduction and emission control.

Extraction systems

extraction systemJOA technology provides balanced Vapour and dust extraction systems with great precision (Up to 1 PA precise) and efficiency. Systems made to avoid fouling in the piping network, condensation risk, and product waste. » More about Extraction systems


High Containment Solutions

valvecleaningContainment risk minimization is crucial in pharmaceutical industry, JOA has developed a range of products in this field. Focusing in avoid the interaction of harmful product with the plant operators, a range of microclimates, air barriers and laminar flow units are part of JOA solutions. In addition to this, SKIDs to handle both wet and dry cleaning cycles of high containment valves are part or the containment solutions focus on the process side.
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