Tobacco upgrade projects in Russia and Ukraine

An important scrubber upgrade project was executed in Kremenchug Ukraine, installing a JOA high efficiency IVS Dust scrubber. (..) resulting in a significant water consumption reduction. Read more »


INNO SUMMER is a cooperation of JOA (CEO, Marketing, I-R&D) with a multi-faculty group of pre-selected TU-Delft students. During the summer break these students where requested to rank important (global) trends form their personal perspective. Additionally the process of valuing these trends was handled in close interaction with student- and alumina groups for broader confirmation. Read more »

Large environmental scrubber tested

It always is very encouraging to see the testing area behind the production plant being filed with large JOA equipment, ready for full scale testing. This scrubber is used to handle the dust and contaminants (chemical components and odor abatement) in the exhaust air stream of a complete factory. Nevertheless, due to the innovative technology applied, a pressure drop of 1500 Pa only is required for a cleaning efficiency of 99+%. Meaning an exceptional low energy usage. The stainless steel unit is capable of cleaning 120.000 m3/hr. exhaust air. Read more »

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